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Your Virtual CFO

Jim Dale, MBA 

We provide business leaders the confidence of knowing a finance professional has a steady hand-on-the-wheel, so you can be more attentive to executive matters and service delivery.

We organize and analyze data to help you select and execute strategies that grow sales and improve profit.

We help you keep a handle on key performance metrics that lead to organizational effectiveness.  This requires cleaning up and automating ineffective systems to provide sound financial data.

We are your trusted business confidant, helping you work through issues unique to you.

We assure the precision of accounts, finances and books.

We provide sound financial interpretation of accounting information to staff and external partners.

We work closely with your accountants and lawyers to complete the year end financial statements, re-structure the organization for ownership transition, establish holding companies where appropriate and assist you with labour and other legal matters.

Our CFO Services Fees

Our free CFO assessment will review your critical needs, and provide you a quote for an all-inclusive monthly fee tailored to your company. Prefer a la carte services? Let's talk!


Start enjoying Financial peace-of-mind TODAY! 

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